Seven Questions for the Independent Investigators

School Board Hires Outside Investigators in Response to Last Week's Revelation

A reader sent me today’s email blast from the Spreckels Union School District, responding to last week’s revelation, “How Activist Teachers Recruit Kids”:

Here, then, are seven questions the third-party firm might investigate:

  1. Who, if anyone, facilitated the electronic surveillance of middle school students by Kelly Baraki or Lori Caldeira?

  2. What kinds of student internet activity did these teachers have access to?

  3. What types of private communication were surveilled by teachers?

  4. Was any of this surveillance conducted at the elementary school?

  5. How far back do parent complaints about activism by Kelly Baraki and Lori Caldeira run?

  6. What actions did administrators take in response to parent complaints?

  7. What student recruiting tactics for the “UBU” / “Equity Club” were administrators aware of?