UPDATE from the School District re: Yesterday's Bombshell About Activist Teachers

And What Concerned Parents and Teachers Can Do

In response to yesterday’s bombshell, the Spreckels Union School District today sent out the following email:

Here are the key points:

The District has taken immediate steps to address several of the concerns raised in the article:

  • The student club mentioned in the article, UBU (You be You), has been suspended.

  • Any future student clubs will be required to submit an outline of all activities and materials before being allowed to meet. Student sign-in sheets will be maintained and parent/guardian permission slips will be sent home prior to a club holding a meeting. 

  • All messaging shared in the morning announcements will now be controlled and distributed by the site principal. This practice will be in place permanently.

  • Any presentation or assembly involving sensitive themes such as sexuality will be created in line with state-approved standards and curriculum, and under the supervision of site and district administration. Materials of any sensitive themes will be shared with parents/guardians prior to being shown to students. 

  • Teachers are prohibited from monitoring students’ online activity for any non-academic purposes. 

Regarding the teachers involved, appropriate personnel steps are being taken to make sure such activities and comments will not be repeated. 

Thank You to my paid subscribers who make this work possible—and, of course, to my sources. Remember: You don’t need to put your job at risk, and I will never reveal your identity.

I got so many great responses from concerned parents. Here is one reader response that stuck out:

Here’s what you can do: Attend meetings, record, send documents.

It goes without saying, you should never doxx, intimidate, or harass teachers or school board members. With that firmly in mind, a readers advises that there is an upcoming school board meeting on December 2 at 7pm.

Finally, and most importantly: never underestimate the lengths activist teachers will go to confuse your children on matters of gender. Tell your kids that NO adult — not even a teacher — should ever ask them to keep secrets from you.

There are a lot of adults in your kids’ lives. But only you have only their best interests at heart. If something doesn’t seem right to you: Trust yourself.