Updates: More Investigative pieces to Come

Women in Prison, Custody in Jeopardy, and the Struggles of Gen Z...

Dear Readers of The Truth Fairy,

I have two investigative pieces in the works I wanted to let you know about:

One is an interview with the women of the Central California Women’s Facility (known as “Chowchilla”), California’s highest security women’s prison, which I hope to bring to light very soon.

Another is my investigative piece about when Child Protective Services comes to separate trans-identified minor teens from parents who have failed to “affirm” them. This will be an exclusive for The Truth Fairy.

Finally, look for the Weekend Interview in the Wall Street Journal this weekend, which I conducted with academic psychologist Jean Twenge, about Gen Z - the most pessimistic generation on record. After it appears in print, I’ll post it here.

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The legacy media has abandoned its mission. If you doubt that even for a second, check out this piece by the New York Times, which dances around the alarming risks of puberty blockers—sexual dysfunction, infertility, and diminished brain development. I never thought I’d see such uncritical puffery about a drug outside of a PR shop or a Big Pharma lobbying firm.

Here — here, we tell the truth. Always. No matter the consequences.

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